All Applicants

Minimum Tenant Standards

  1. The application must be completed in its entirety. If it is not properly completed it will be discarded and the application process for that potential tenant stopped

  2. Each applicant over the age of 18 must complete an application and go through the application process

  3. Prospective tenant(s) must not have been evicted from a property in the last 5 years

  4. Prospective tenant(s) must demonstrate monthly income at least 3 times the monthly rent amount

  5. Prospective tenant(s) must not have utility judgments against levied against them

  6. Prospective tenant(s) must demonstrate that they are currently employed

  7. Prospective tenant(s) must have a clean criminal record for the last 5 years

  8. Previous landlord information provided by the tenant(s) must be verifiable and a favorable recommendation must be obtained from previous landlords

  9. Current employment information provided by the Prospective tenant(s) must be verifiable


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